How we protect your privacy  

Bitsera offer many services to help you run your business, including a platform to host your own Odoo database. As part of running those services, we collect data about you and your business. This data is not only essential to run our services, but also critical for the safety of our services and all our users. This policy explains what information is collected, why it is collected, and how we use it.

Information we collect

Most of the personal data we collect is directly provided by our users when they register and use our services. Other data is collected by recording interactions with our services.

Account & Contact Data: When you register on our website to use or download one of our products or to subscribe to one of our services (Odoo Online, Free Trial, Odoo Apps, Odoo. sh, etc.), or fill in one of our contact forms, you voluntarily give us certain information. This typically includes your name, company name, email address, and sometimes your phone number, postal address (when an invoice or delivery is required), your business sector and interest in Odoo, as well as a personal password.

We never record or store credit card information from our customers, and always rely on trusted third-party PCI-DSS-compliant payment processors for credit card processing, including for recurring payment processing.

Customer Databases:

When you subscribe to an Odoo Cloud service and create your own Odoo database (for example by starting a Free Trial), any information or content you submit or upload into your database is your own, and you control it fully. Similarly, when you upload an on-premises database to the Odoo Upgrade website, you own the data in it.

This data will often include personal information, for example, your list of employees, your contacts and customers, your messages, pictures, videos, etc.

We only ever collect this information on your behalf, and you always retain ownership and full control of this data.

Free Trial Session Recording: When you start a free trial on our Odoo Cloud service, you may be offered the possibility to consent to the recording of the beginning for your free trial session in order to help us improve the user experience of our products.

If you consent, the information that is collected includes what is visible on the screen during the first 2 hours of your free trial, as well as your interactions with our apps (where you click, which menu you open, etc.). This data is consolidated in the form of a video that our User Experience experts can watch for a limited time. This will likely include some personal data such as names, emails, phone numbers, pictures, depending on what real-world information you input into your database during the recording period. Password fields and other sensitive fields are automatically excluded from the recording, but we cannot entirely exclude the possibility that some sensitive information may be recorded, depending on where you type it.

The other sections of this Policy explain:

● how we process this data,

● how long we keep it,

● and how you can access or request deletion of this data

● and which third-party service providers are involved.

If you do not consent or if we do not offer you the option to opt-in, your trial session will not be recorded and no data will be collected for this purpose. Policy Updates We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, in order to clarify it, to reflect any changes to our website, or to comply with legal obligations. The "Last Updated" mention at the top of the policy indicates the last revision, which is also the effective date of those changes. We give you access to archived versions of this policy, so you can review the changes.